Jordan: Immigrants to return home due to job losses

Amman, 24 March (AKI) - Arab countries including Egypt and Jordan are preparing for the return of thousands of immigrant workers who have lost jobs due to the global economic crisis.

According to Arabic satellite TV network, Al-Jazeera, authorities in Amman are preparing for the return of thousands of Jordanians who are expected to return from neighbouring countries in the next year due to the collapse of the job market.

Around 10,000 Jordanians are currently believed to be unemployed in the region. Qualified engineers in Amman have been particularly hard hit by the crisis.

"I lost my job in February," said engineer Hamza al-Qatani. "Six other Jordanians who were working with me at the same company were also dismissed.

"Many Jordanians were left without work here in Dubai and have already returned home. From January to today there are at least a thousand of my countrymen who have lost their jobs.

There are an estimated 15,000 Jordanian engineers working in the United Arab Emirates and at least 20 percent of them are reportedly unemployed.

Most of them were employed in large private construction projects begun in the past few years which are now on hold due to the current global economic downturn.


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