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Philippines: Petition to stop prostitute "slave camps"

Manila, 24 July (AKI) - More than 2 million people have signed an internet petition pressing the government to close the red light district of Angeles City, north of Manila.

The petition has been supported by Angeles Human Rights Watch and child protection group, Angeles Child Rescue.

Although prostitution is illegal in the Philippines, human rights groups claim around 150,000 women and girls work as prostitutes in the area.

Author of the petition is Australian journalist Susan Bryce who says 30,000 of the prostitutes are young girls.

The petition claims a child or woman is raped or killed every six seconds in Angeles City and the average life of a bar girl is only 25.

"Young girls are forced to work up to 20 hours a day and service 100 clients a week," the petition says. "Most of the gangs that run the prostitution trade are foreigners.

"They pay off corrupt police, military and city hall officials. The girls are locked away to sleep watched over by armed security guards who carry batons, electric prods and shotguns."

The petition says the crime rackets are made up of Australians, Americans, Russians and British and they go by the name 'Vorskii Mir' which means "the world of criminals".

It claims the gangs control drug trafficking, money laundering and other criminal activities.





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