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Cinema: 'Fatwas' against films unhelpful argues Italian Muslim leader

Rome, 29 August (AKI) - Attempts by Islamic clerics to use religious edicts (fatwas) against films only bolsters claims that Islam is incompatible with Western values, Italian Muslim group Coreis vice president, Yahya Pallavicini told Adnkronos.

"While maintaining their religious identity, clerics need to integrate in a post-modern, secular society," he said. "While a sense of modesty is legitimate, such disproportionate reactions militate against the possibility of true understanding between peoples and religions," Pallavicini said.

He was commenting on the issue of a fatwa against Pakistani movie director Shoaib Mansoor's highly successful film 'In the Name of God'.

The film is expected generate broad debate at international festivals, like this week's Venice International Film Festival which opened on Wednesday. Festival director Marco Muller has also spoken out against attempts to censure movies by religious edict.




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