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Jordan: King defends media freedoms despite web censorship

Amman, 26 Sept. (AKI) - Jordan's King Abdallah II has sought to reassure journalists about media freedom, despite a government move to censor websites.

At a dinner organised by the journalists' union on Tuesday, King Abdallah expressed his respect for Jordanian journalists, praising their role in the defence of the country and the quality of their work.

He told more than 500 journalists who attended the function near Dead Sea in the south of the country that there would be no limits on press freedom in the kingdom.

He also emphasised the responsibilities of institutions and individuals in raising professional standards and supporting young people who wanted to dedicate themselves to this field.

At the same time official sources say that the government decree will remain in force although it has foreshadowed an amendment reducing the force of the sanctions.

The government action requires media and political party websites to name any sources published on their sites or face the threat of closure.

Several news agencies and political parties have been targeted and website proprietors and journalists have called for King Abdallah to intervene to block the application of the decree.

On Tuesday the Amman Centre for Human Rights and the country, principal opposition party, the Islamic Action Front, criticised the government's web censorship stating it constrained freedom of opinion and expression.




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