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Saudi Arabia: Scientists and literary experts honoured in annual award

Riyadh, 5 Feb. (AKI) - Two American doctors - a burns specialist and a trauma surgeon - are among the outstanding international experts awarded the celebrated King Faisal International Prize this year.

Donald D. Trunkey, a trauma surgeon from Oregon Health and Science University and Basil A. Pruitt from the University of Texas Health Science Centre in San Antonio are the joint winners of the medical prize.

The King Faisal Foundation was established in 1976 by the eight sons of the late King Faisal ibn Abd Al Aziz, son of Saudi Arabia's founder.

The foundation maintains a long tradition of Arabic and Islamic philanthropy and the King Faisal International Prize recognises outstanding achievements in Islamic studies and Arab literature and medicine and science.

The American surgeon Trunkey was recognised for creating a system of improving the management of injured patients and his work led to the formation of mobile surgical units, which aided patient survival around the world.

Basil Arthur Pruitt Jr. is an internationally renowned leader in burn surgery and has conducted scientific research for the past 50 years.

Rudiger Wehner, a scientist from the University of Zurich, in Switzerland was recognised for his accomplishments as a neuroethologist and research into the evolution of nervous systems and how they control behavior.

The prize for Arabic Language and Literature was shared by Ahmad Matloob Al-Nasiri, from the Iraqi Science Academy for his research into Arabic rhetoric and literary criticism and Muhammed Rashad Al-Hamzawi, a former linguistics professor from the Sultan Qabus University in Oman.

The prize for service to Islam was awarded to the custodian of the two holy mosques, King Abd Allah bin Abd Al-Aziz in recognition of his outstanding service to Islam and Muslims in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

King Abd Allah's domestic accomplishments include the establishment of major economic projects such as King Abd Allah's Economic City, an investment fund to help the poor, and the establishment of King Abd Allah's University for Science and Technology.

According to a statement from the foundation, the custodian's accomplishments include his firm support of Arab and Muslim rights, particularly regarding the Palestinian problem.

The annual presentation of King Faisal International Prize enables the foundation to reward dedicated men and women whose contributions make a positive difference and benefit humanity.

In 2001 four of the six physics and chemistry Nobel laureates were former winners of the prestigious Saudi prize.




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