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Italy: Ancient Etruscan cemetery found in south

Foggia, 3 July (AKI) - An ancient Etruscan cemetery has been uncovered by Italian tax police or Guardia di Finanza in the country's south during a police investigation to stop tomb robbers. The cemetery or necropolis is believed to date back to the Etruscan civilisation that existed in central and southern Italy from 1,200 BC to 550 BC before the Roman era.

The necropolis was found in the province of Foggia, located in the southern region of Puglia.

Police intervention is believed to have prevented the sacking of the 500-square-metre necropolis, in particular five tombs that contained the remains of warriors, buried with precious funerary artefacts dating back to the fourth century before Christ.

During the operation, two people were reported to the authorities.

The illegal trafficking of antique artefacts is highly lucrative in Italy.

The tomb robbers or 'tombaroli' steal the items from ancient graves and other historic sites and later sell them on the international black market.




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