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Italy: Exhibition traces early imperial China and ancient Rome

Rome, 6 Oct. (AKI) - A major exhibition opening in the Italian capital on Friday will trace history of the ruling dynasties of early imperial China and the ancient Roman empire, comparing their rise and fall.

Italy's culture minister Sandro Bondi and China's culture minister Cai Wu will inaugurated the 'Kite and the Dragon' exhibition, at which over 450 Chinese and Roman treasures will be on display.

The pieces have been specially chosen to illustrate defining moments in the history of the Roman empire and that of the Chinese Qin and Han dynasties, as well as daily life, culture, trade and commerce under their rule.

The short-lived Qin dynasty introduced centralised government under the absolute monarchy of the emperor of China and ruled from 221-206 BC.

The Qin standardised measurements and script and linked up the Great Wall. They were overthrown in 206 BC and were replaced by the Han dynasty which ruled for four centuries and made Confucianism the state ideology.

The exhibition, taking place at the senate house in the Roman Forum from 8 October to 9 January, is part of a year-long series of events planned throughout Italy to celebrate Chinese culture.

"It represents an important step in what is extremely positive collaboration between Italy and China," the Italian culture ministry said in a statement.

The Italian and Chinese governments were due on Thursday to sign an accord on long-term cooperation on joint projects between museums and cultural institutions, according to the ministry.




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