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Italy: 'Pontecorvo' name receives coveted protected status for peppers

Rome, 15 Nov.(AKI) - Bell peppers from the Italian town of Pontecorvo have been given the European Union's coveted Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) seal, which assures products and foodstuffs are produced, processed or prepared in a specific geographical location using recognized know-how.

The Pontecorvo peppers, which are cultivated in the province of Frosinone - 85 kilometers south of Rome- were recognized for their 'sheer flesh' and 'sweet taste.' The peppers were additionally acknowledged for having a 'more delicate skin than other corresponding products,' - a quality which makes Pontecorvo peppers more eaisly digestible than regular bell peppers.

The legislation governing DOP came into force in 1992, with the motivation to protect the reputation of regional foods and put an end to misleading consumers by non-genuine products.

Italian cheese makers have won a battle to limit the use of "Parmesian" by limiting its use to the cheese made in and around the northern Italian city using approved ingredients and methods.

Cheese, wine, ham and other products from throughout the 27-member EU have received PDO status.

The Pontecorvo peppers boast an enhanced flavour due to the nutrient-rich earth they are cultivated in.




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