Macedonia: Pro-'Greater Albania' professor probed

Tetovo, Macedonia, 21 Sept. (AKI) - Macedonian authorities may bring charges against a professor who at an ethnic Albanian rally in the northeastern town of Tetovo, called for the creation of a 'Greater Albanian nation' consisting of Albania, Kosovo and parts of Macedonia.

"It is our universal right to live in one country," the professor, Miljaim Fejziu, said at the gathering held on Thursday to launch the Macedonian branch of the Unity of World Albanians (UWA) movement.

Macedonia's State Prosecutor's office said that if Fejziu, who teaches at a university in Tetovo - which has a population of 80,000 of which 70 percent are Albanian - was found to have promoted the secession of parts of Macedonia, he would face prosecution.

On Friday the Macedonian media condemned the gathering saying it aimed to stoke separatist tendencies amongst the country's ethnic Albanian population at a time when the international community could be on the verge of granting indepedence to Kosovo, the UN-administred, mostly Albanian province of Serbia.

Fejziu in his speech, did indeed appear to be calling for Albanian communities living in the Balkans to seek territorial unity.

"The institutions that exist in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia are to achieve close relations and cooperation on cultural, scientific, economic and every other level. The cooperation should be later polarised towards the tendency of forming one body with all-national character," Fejziu told the Tetovo gathering.

"We refer to Macedonia as the third Albanian country in Balkans," Fajziu added.

Some 25 percent of Macedonia's population of two million is Albanian.

The Macedonian Unity of Albanians branch will be led by a body of 15 members including the Tetovo's Muslim mufti Alifekri Esati. Another UWA congress is scheduled to be held at the end of November in Albania's capital, Tirana.


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