Iraq: Deadly bomb attacks hit Baghdad

Baghdad, 24 Nov. (AKI) - A roadside bomb in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad on Monday killed at least 13 people, when it blew up a minibus, carrying female government employees to work during the morning rush-hour, security officials said. In a separate attack, a female suicide bomber killed five people and injured 12 others, when she blew herself up outside the city's heavily fortified Green Zone, police said.

“A mentally-retarded female suicide bomber was detonated by means of remote control near a checkpoint at the entrance of the green zone in central Baghdad’s al-Karada district,” the Voices of Iraq news agency quoted the official spokesman for the Baghdad Operations Command (BOC), Maj. General Qassem Atta, as saying.

Reports quoted the police and the US military as saying the casualty figures for the two attacks were preliminary and the toll from both could rise.

Although overall violence has fallen in Iraq in the past couple of years, insurgents have shown themselves still able to carry out deadly attacks. Baghdad is still a dangerous city where bombings are a frequent occurrence.

Monday's blasts came the same day as the Iraqi Parliament was due to vote on a divisive security pact between Iraq and the United States which would see the US-led military force withdrawing from Iraq by 2011.

Massive street protests took place in Baghdad against the security pact, which has already been approved by the Iraqi Cabinet. Currently, the Shia Fadhila party and the Sunni Iraqi National Dialogue Front party both oppose the security agreement.


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