India: Muslim girl translates Hindu religious texts into Urdu

Varanasi, 4 Oct. (AKI/Asian Age ) - Nazneen Ansari, a Muslim girl living in the holy Hindu city of Varanasi, in India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh has assigned herself a unique task of translating Hindu religious texts into Urdu.

Ansari feels that this will help people of both faiths understand each other better.

"I have done this to bring people closer to each other. There are many people who cannot read Hindi. Now, they can read Hanuman Chalisa [a key Hindu religious text] in Urdu and understand the meaning and moral of the text."

"This is my humble effort towards forging better understanding between the two communities," she told a news channel.

She has already translated Hanuman Chalisa into Urdu and is now working on the Hindu epic Ram Charitra Manas.

Hanuman Chalisa is a Hindi-language poem that has gained enormous popularity among Hindus. Many of them recite it as a prayer every week, generally on Tuesdays or Saturdays.


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