Iran: President declares 5 August 'Islamic human rights day'

Tehran, 24 July (AKI) - Iran's Supreme Cultural Revolution Council headed by hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has declared 5 August an annual international Islamic human rights day.

The conservative-dominated council also nominated 12 July as an annual 'National Virtue Day for the Veil'.

The Islamic dress code requires Muslim women to cover their bodies from head to toe.

Iran's hardline authorities last year launched a crackdown on young men and women deemed to be wearing 'immoral' western-style dress, such as short coats and sleeves, jeans or sporting 'western' haircuts.

The Islamic moralisation campaign has also targeted satellite dish owners and alcohol consumption,as well as boutiques selling western food, western music, and dog-walking.

Dogs are banned from public places, as Islam considers them impure.


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