Saudi Arabia: Imam forbids alcohol to be used as fuel substitute

Riyadh, 19 Feb. (AKI) - A Saudi imam has issued a fatwa or religious edict, banning the use of alcohol as a fuel substitute for petrol. "I warn Saudi students that live abroad not to use alcohol as a cheap substitute for petrol, because the prophet has cursed not only who drinks it but also those who use it for other purposes," said the Saudi imam Mohammed al-Najimi, quoted by Saudi daily, Shams.

"The prophet has cursed whoever uses alcohol, not only for drinking but also other purposes."

Al-Najimi, who is also a member of the Saudi Islamic jurists, said that using alcohol falls within the 'jurisdiction' of what Islam's prophet Mohammed said.

"For this reason, I warn Saudis who live abroad and who use alcohol instead of petrol that this case is related and falls within the parameters of what the prophet said."

The Saudi daily claims that many students and researchers who live in western countries use alcohol as an alternative source of fuel, because it is cheaper, pollutes less and many automobiles lately have been made to run with alcohol.


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