Vatican: Church slow to respond to US abuse, admits pope

Vatican City, 22 Nov. (AKI) - The Vatican should have reacted more quickly to the United States sex abuse scandal when it shook the world in 2002, Pope Benedict XVI has said in a new book.

"It would have been the duty of Rome, to say outright to all countries: look and see if you are in the same situation. Perhaps we should have done this," he said in 'Light of the World', written by German journalist Peter Seewald.

Due to be published on Tuesday, the book contains a series of interviews with the 83-year-old pontiff. Showing an increasing penchant for candour, the pope said in the book that the use of condoms would be acceptable in "some cases."

He also said stated that he would "willingly" step down should he feel himself unable, "physically, psychologically and spiritually," to lead the church.

Since the US scandal came to light, other sex abuse scandals have rocked the Church in several European countries, most notably Belgium, Germany and Ireland. The abuse involves thousands of victims in cases over several decades.

In the book, Benedict also expressed understanding of abuse victims who have distanced themselves from the church. "It is difficult for them to continue to believe the Church is a source of good...that the Church helps people...I can understand this," he said.


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