US: Libya 'will do everything' to stop Koran burning

Tripoli, 10 Sept. (AKI) - Seifulislam Gaddafi, son of Libyan leader Muammar, said his country will do "everything possible to prevent copies of the Koran from being burned.

In a telephone call to Nation of Islam leader Luis Farrakhan, Gaddafi expressed his solidarity with the leader of the American Islamic organisation and said that a burning of the Muslim holy book would "only reinforce hate and increase terrorism," according to a report by Arab-language news channel al-Jazeera.

American evangelical pastor Terry Jones on Thursday said he would put on hold his plan to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the 11 Sept. attacks by burning the Koran.

Jones, who leads a small church in Gainseville, Florida with 50 followers, initially said the burning had been cancelled.


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