Iraq: Leader of 'Hamas of Iraq' and 1920 Brigades dead in mosque attack

Baghdad, 25 Sept. (AKI) - A suicide bomber on Tuesday blew himself up in a Shiite mosque in the Iraq city of Baaquba, killing 28 people - including apparently the leaders of two militant groups Hamas of Iraq and 1920 Brigades.

The attack in which at least 34 people were also injured, took place during a meeting at the mosque between tribal, police and guerilla leaders.

Also among the dead was the local police chief, as well as some Shiite leaders, Sheikh Ibrahim al-Hassan from the prominent Zubeid tribe, and the brother of the Governor of Diyala, Saad al-Tamimi, according to local press agency "Iraq's Voices".

Local reports said the attack was planned and executed by the "Islamic State of Iraq" a moniker often used by Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

The group issued a statement two days ago in which it accused the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Hamas of Iraq and the 1920 Brigades to have been responsible for the killings of numerous Arab fighters in Iraq recruited by Al-Qaeda.


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