Iraq: Guerilla groups unite to combat al-Qaeda

Diyala, 10 Dec.(AKI) - Guerilla groups present in the volatile Diyala province in northern Iraq have decided to unite and combat al-Qaeda militants together, said Rostum Muhammad al-Sulukhi, the leader of a new alliance of these guerilla groups in an interview with the Arabic language Al-Hayat newspaper.

The new alliance, known as the "Direction of Revenge Operations", will have as its aim to better coordinate the activities of Sunni militants that make up the 1920 Revolution Brigades of the Iraqi Hamas and the militias of the Shamr, Hamira, Zahirat, al-Baghada and al-Karikha tribes.

"We have chosen this name because we want to stop the overreaction and exaggerations of some members. Leaders will change every three months, allowing all guerilla leaders to actively participate in the fight against al-Qaeda," said al-Sulukhi.

In the past week, 61 people have been killed and 90 have been wounded in a spat of bombings and shooting attacks, such as the one last Friday in Diyala where a woman carried out a suicide attack killing 15 people.


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