Terrorism: Three al-Qaeda leaders killed in US attack

Kuwait City, 5 Feb. (AKI) -  The US air raid that killed al-Qaeda leader Abu Layth al-Libi in Pakistan is reported to have also killed three other leaders from the terrorist network.

According to the Kuwaiti daily, al-Watan, two Kuwaitis and a Libyan also died in the missile attack conducted by a Predator aircraft on January 25 in Mir Ali, in North Waziristan on the border of Afghanistan.

The daily said the attack was aimed at what was believed to have been an al-Qaeda summit meeting. Abu Obeida Tawari al-Obeidi and Abu Adel al-Kuwaiti were reportedly there with al-Libi.

Abu Adel al-Kuwaiti came from Saudi Arabia but always lived in Kuwait.

Mubarak al-Badhali, a Kuwaiti supporter of Islamic fundamentalism, remembers him well.

"In 2003 he asked me how he could reach Iraq, but I did not want to help him to get to Afghanistan so first he had to go to Iran where he stayed around a month," said Badhali.

"Then he went to Syria where he stayed two weeks and from there he tried unsuccessfully to enter Iraq," he said. "After that he decided to go to Afghanistan.

"He was welcomed on the border by the imam of a mosque that took him to Waziristan (in northern Pakistan)."

According to well-informed sources, quoted in the Arab newpaper, al Hayat, al-Libi was the leader of an al-Qaeda delegation that reportedly met the Pakistani Taliban leader, Beitallah Mehsoud, whom intelligence services blame for the assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

He was accompanied at the meeting by a senior Libyan al-Qaeda leader, Abdel Ghaffar al-Darnawi.

He was said to be responsible for establishing a link with Iran and moved to Afghanistan only eight months before the air raid to fight on the front line against the Americans.

The Pakistan government has said very little about the US attack which was widely regarded as a strategic victory against al-Qaeda.


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