Italy: Tunisian arrested for terror links

Reggio Emilia, 10 April(AKI) - Police authorities arrested a Tunisian citizen in the northern Italian town of Reggio Emilia on Thursday for alleged links with a terrorist cell in charge of sending suicide bombers to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The police operation called "Rebirth" was carried out by police investigators of the special operations group and is aimed at stopping international terrorist activities.

Nasr Mourad, a Tunisian citizen living in the northern Italian city of Novellara, was arrested due to links with a terror cell headed by Ben Nasr Mehdi who was said to be affiliated with another alleged terrorist leader, Sabri Dridi, also Tunisian.

Sabri, reportedly was the head of a terrorist cell in Italy, in charge of sending suicide bombers to Syria, considered a gateway to carry out attacks in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan.

Last November, a police raid found al-Qaeda bomb-making manuals, guerrilla techniques, audio-visual material and poison.

According to investigators, Mourad had travelled to Iraq and was involved in the "17 brothers", a group of 17 people sent to Iraq via Syria to fight and carry out attacks.

According to reports, no terror attacks were planned by the terror cell in Italy.


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