Germany: Police search homes for illegal 'jihadist' material

Berlin, 23 April (AKI) - Police on Wednesday raided homes across Germany as part of a probe into an alleged radical Islamist group believed to be recruiting militants for 'Jihad' abroad, prosecutors said.

The raids were part of an investigation into nine citizens suspected of systematically trying to convert others to radical Islam and recruiting militants for Jihad overseas, according to German authorities quoted by Deutsche Welle Radio.

More than 130 officers carried out raids in several cities, including Berlin and Bonn, searching for illegal "jihadist" propaganda.

Anton Winkler, spokesman for the Munich state prosecutor, said the suspects ranged in age from 27 to 47.

The suspects are alleged to have used the Internet, as well as audio and video materials for "anti-constitutional pursuits."

Prosecutors said the suspects had ties to an Islamic group in Neu-Ulm, a small town in southern Germany.

The group, formerly known as the Multi Kultur Haus (MKH), was reportedly monitored in the past by US anti-terrorism agencies.

The MKH disbanded in 2007 after police seized material reportedly urging Muslims to carry out suicide attacks in Iraq.

Police last September arrested two German converts to Islam and a Turkish resident who were charged with plotting a bomb attack. The trio reportedly frequented the MKH.


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