Terrorism: Al-Qaeda halts spread of the church in Arab world, claims leader

Dubai, 23 May (AKI) - A senior al-Qaeda leader, Abu Yahya al-Libi, claims that the terror organisation has stopped the expansion of the church in the Arab world.

"If it wasn't for our heroes, today we would have many churches in the Arabian Peninsula, as we have already seen with the opening of one in Qatar," said al-Libi in a video message posted to Islamist websites.

He was referring to the Catholic church inaugurated in the Qatari capital, Doha, in March this year.

Al-Libi also talked about the "danger" posed by inter-religious dialogue between the Arab Ulema or Muslim religious leaders and their Christian counterparts.

The 40-minute message entitled, "The moderation of Islam and the moderation of defeat", seeks to refute the notion of a moderate Islam.

"At this moment there is a crusader campaign against Islam and that has succeeded in corrupting the personalities in our religion," al-Libi said.

"Changes in Islamic thought are happening in particular in the most important Arab countries. With the excuse of moderation, they are corrupting our faith."

He said that Christians "use false slogans and declare that civilisations are talking and not fighting, that the religions are getting closer and are not clashing."

Al-Libi criticised these "ideas of the unbelievers".

"We must not believe any international laws or laws of the United Nations and we must knock down their idols," he said.

"With them, there can be no dialogue and no cooperation."

Al-Libi attacked Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, who has suggested hosting a conference on religious dialogue in Saudi Arabia.

"The guardian of monotheism has raised the flag of brotherhood between religions and speaks about things that he does not know," al-Libi said.

"I swear to Allah to fight this apostate and to denounce his absurdity."

The message ended with a warning.

"Qatar is not far," said al-Libi, adding that "soon we will ring the bells of the church in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula."


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