Iraq: Four Americans among victims of Baghdad blast

Sadr City, 24 June (AKI) - At least ten people have been killed in a blast in the eastern Baghdad suburb of Sadr City, among them four Americans.

Two American soldiers and two employees from the US State and Defense Departments were killed in the explosion, a US embassy spokesperson said on Tuesday.

The blast ripped through Sadr City's municipal council building, half an hour after a meeting for the election of the council president.

A suspect has reportedly been arrested and tested positive for explosives residue.

The deaths bring the number of US soldiers killed in June in Iraq, to 22.

Also on Tuesday, US soldiers killed three people from the same family and arrested two other family members in a raid on a house in Mosul, 400 kilometres north of Baghdad.

"The house raided by the US forces was in al-Uraibi neighborhood, western Mosul," a source told the news agency, Voices of Iraq.

"The raiding troops killed three and detained two, all members of the same family, without any apparent reason."

Meanwhile, Abdellatif Rayan, the US army's media advisor, said he had no information about the incident.


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