Italy: Illegal immigrant found dead in Greek vessel

Venice, 4 July (AKI) - A man, believed to be among a group of illegal immigrants from Iraq and Afghanistan, was found dead on a Greek ferry in the northern city of Venice on Friday.

Some of the immigrants were reportedly tied with cables, underneath the motors of lorries, in their clandestine bid to reach Italy.

They were said to have been in a state of near exhaustion when they were found in the loading area of the Greek vessel. The dead migrant was believed to have suffocated during the journey.

Meanwhile, a rubber dinghy carrying 72 illegal immigrants, including seven women and three children, arrived on the southern Italian island of Lampedusa on Friday.

Italy has the European Union's longest coastline - 4,500 kilometres - making it difficult to police and thus a preferred destination for migrants.

Lampedusa is a tiny island that is closer to Africa than the European continent and a favourite drop off point for immigrant smugglers.


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