Iran: Anti-riot drills taking place in Tehran

Tehran, 10 Nov. (AKI) - More than 30,000 police agents and members of the security forces were expected to take part in a series of anti-riot drills in the Iranian capital, Tehran, from Monday. During the drills, eight roads will be closed to traffic to facilitate the movement of the security forces over the next week.

The drills' aim was for the country to "be ready to confront the psychological aggression of the enemy," said recently ousted Interior Minister Ali Kordan.

Kordan also spoke about the "cultural aggression" of some religious minorities such as the Bahai and the Wahabis. He also said that ethnic minorities and those who propose a secular democracy instead of an Islamic democracy are a "danger to the Islamic Republic."

Kordan also spoke against modernism, feminism which he claimed were against tradition, and the Internet, which he said was a "challenge" to the government.

Kordan was impeached on Tuesday after admitting he lied about a fake degree from a top British university.

Iran's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has backed Kordan and called the move 'illegal'.


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