Iran: Iranian-American woman released from prison

Tehran, 11 Nov. (AKI) – Iranian-American feminist Esha Momeni who was arrested on security charges in Tehran in October was released from Evin prison on Tuesday. As she was released on bail, journalist and feminist Shahnza Gholami was jailed in Tabriz, the capital of Iranian Azerbaijan.

Momeni was reported to have been released from the notorious prison after paying bail of some two billion rials (196,000 dollars) and plans to return to the United States as soon as possible.

According to the Iranian judiciary, Momeni is accused of security offences and her case is under preliminary investigation.

Momeni's lawyer Mohammad Ali Dadkhah told the media she was arrested on 15 October because of her involvement with a women's rights equality campaign. She was arrested while filming a video documentary with feminists in Iran.

Dadkhah added that Momeni, a graduate student from California, had travelled to Iran to conduct research for her thesis on women's rights. She holds both Iranian and US citizenship.

The Italian government had made an official protest to Tehran about the arrest and detention of Momeni.

Shahnaz Gholami is known for her human rights activities on behalf of Azeri minority groups. She was imprisoned for five years from 1989 to 1994 and recently sentenced to six months in prison for publishing propaganda against the regime.


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