India: Leaders condemn Mumbai attacks

Mumbai, 27 Nov. (AKI) - World leaders have condemned the devastating terrorist attacks that have struck the Indian city of Mumbai.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown strongly condemned the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and pledged to support the Indian government in any way possible.

"These outrageous attacks in Mumbai will be met with a vigorous response," the prime minister said in a statement.

"I have sent a message to Prime Minister Singh that the UK (United Kingdom) stands solidly with his government as they respond, and to offer all necessary help. Urgent action is underway to offer every possible protection to British citizens in the region."

US President George W. Bush also condemned the attacks, in a statement released by the White House.

"Bush offers his condolences to the Indian people and the families of the innocent civilians killed and injured in the attacks in Mumbai," he said.

US-President elect Barack Obama also responded to the attacks.

"President-elect Obama strongly condemns today's terrorist attacks in Mumbai, and his thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and the people of India.

"These coordinated attacks on innocent civilians demonstrate the grave and urgent threat of terrorism," said a statement in Obama's official website by Transition Chief National Security Spokesperson Brooke Anderson.

Italy's ambassador to India, Roberto Toscano, also strongly condemned the attacks in an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI). 

"To strike westerners in India means to strike India itself, its economic growth," said Toscano.

Toscano said the terrorists were also looking to have an impact on "the image of the country, its economy, its tourism and development."

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and President of East Timor Jose Ramos-Horta also strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Mumbai and called the world to fight terrorism together.

“This cowardly attack on innocent civilians deliberately targeting American and British citizens, must be condemned by all, and must rally all countries to pursue the fight against terrorism even more relentlessly,” said Ramos-Horta in a statement.

Ramos-Horta has also underlined the significance of the attack in light of the recent landslide victory of Obama in the US election and said that "terrorists are not interested in seeking dialogue and peaceful means to resolve whatever differences they might have with the West."

“It is self evident that whoever is in the White House in the United States, terrorism will not stop,” he said

Armed men carried out co-ordinated attacks across the city, killing at least 101 people and injuring up to 300 others.


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