Indonesia: Grenade blast in Aceh capital

Jakarta, 16 Jan. (AKI/Jakarta Post) - A grenade exploded in front of a hotel in Peunayong in the Aceh capital of Muslim-devout Banda Aceh on Friday at approximately 6 00 am local time. The blast burnt out one car and damaged two others but noone was injured.

Banda Aceh Police chief Sr. Comr. Samsul Bachri said whoever threw the weapon has not been identified.

"We have yet to determine the type of grenade. The North Sumatra forensics team is on its way here," he said, quoted by Antara news agency.

Bachri said one of the parked cars bore the logo of the Aceh Party, a local political party whose members are mostly ex-fighters from the former separatist Free Aceh Movement (GAM).

"We are still investigating the motive for the blast," Bachri said.

In September last year, a grenade was set off in front of that party's headquarters in the city. The police have yet to bring to justice the perpetrators of that incident.


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