Italy: Govt 'planning to triple' immigrant detention centre capacity

Rome, 25 Feb. (AKI) - The conservative Italian government is planning to more than triple the 1,200 illegal immigrants that can currently be held in the country's 11 detention centres, unnamed officials have told Adnkronos.

Ministers were due to meet on Thursday to identify sites where the new centres could be located to hold 4,000-4,500 immigrants within the next few months.

Feasibility studies are being carried out this week and the new centres are likely to be housed in former military barracks and military facilities, as well as disused prisons.

Closeness to airports and non-proximity to residential areas will be factors in locating the new detention centres. The government wants to have one such centre in every Italian region.

Sites under consideration include the southern city of Caserta, the northern towns of Boscomantico and Tessera in the Veneto region, Grosseto and Campi Bisenzio in Italy's central Tuscany region and Falconara, close to the Adriatic port city of Ancona in the Marche region.

Detailed costings for the new immigrant detention centres are not yet available, but it is estimated they will cost tens of millions of euros to build.

The move follows an increase in the period of time illegal immigrants can be held in Italian detention centres from two to six months as part of measures contained in a tough new emergency security decree issued by the government last Friday.

The government says the new detention centres will enable Italian authorities to more efficiently identify illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers, and expel those who are not entitled to remain in Italy.


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