Swine flu: Germany confirms three cases in north and south

Munich, 29 April (AKI) - Germany has confirmed three cases of swine flu becoming the third country in Europe to contract the virus. According to state news agency, Deutsche Welle, the Robert-Koch-Institute in Berlin on Wednesday confirmed the cases of swine flu in northern and southern Germany.

Authorities in the southern region of Bavaria said that a man from Regensburg and a woman from the town of Kulmbach were infected with the virus.

A further case of swine flu was confirmed in the northern city of Hamburg where a 22-year-old woman contracted the disease after returning from Mexico.

The announcement came as Mexico announced that stricter swine flu tests had reduced the number of confirmed deaths in Mexico from 20 to seven.

But officials warned the number of deaths likely to have been caused by swine flu had risen to 159 with more than 1,300 patients still under observation in the country where the virus was first reported.

While the number of cases is rising around the world there have been no deaths outside Mexico.

Spain and the United Kingdom have confirmed two cases each and six other European Union states including Austria have been monitoring patients suspected of having the virus.

German authorities said they were also monitoring further suspected cases of swine flu, including two in Bavaria, three in North Rhine-Westphalia and one in Hamburg.

Austria reported its first suspected case of swine flu on Tuesday. According to ORF state television, a 28-year-old woman showed flu-like symptoms upon returning from a trip to Mexico.

The country is now investigating five suspected cases.


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