Iran: MPs eye legislation to ban stoning

Tehran, June 22 (AKI) - Iranian lawmakers are mooting legislation that would outlaw harsh punishment methods such as stoning and amputations, Iran's official news agency IRNA said on Monday. Ali Sharokhi, who is the president of the Iranian judiciary commission said MPs are eyeing legal amendments to make illegal stoning, cutting off the hands of thieves, amongst other 'Islamic' punishments.

Currently, stoning, or lapidation is a legal punishment for crimes such as adultery, prostitution, and incest.

The last reported stoning in Iran was in December 2008 of two Iranian men and one Afghan man who dug himself out and escaped the stoning in the northeastern area of Iran. These stonings were confirmed by Judiciary spokesman Ali Reza Jamshidi in January 2009.

In stonings in Iran, men are buried to the waist and women are buried to the shoulders. Then stones are hurled until the prisoner dies or escapes.


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