Italy: Police seize €50 million in anti-mafia raids

Naples, 14 July (AKI) - Italian police seized assets worth more than 50 million euros in anti-mafia raids in Caserta, outside the southern city of Naples on Tuesday. More than 100 local agents took part in the operation which targeted five people and at least 30 fake companies with alleged links to the Casalesi clan.

Anti-mafia investigators said the assets seized were the largest amount found in Caserta since the famous 'Spartacus' operation.

The latest police operation called,'Fifty', was the result of an extensive investigation of five men and the companies that were believed to be used to launder profits from the Casalesi clan's criminal activities.

Among those arrested was Pasquale Setola, brother of Giuseppe, a local Mafia leader arrested by police in January 2009.

Police claimed Pasquale Setola, a businessman whose company, General Impianti sas di Pagano Massimiliano & C., involved in public contracts, has been identified with accumulating illicit funds through his business.

Measures have been taken regarding five people in prison for association with the Camorra who are related to the seized assets. The investigations of the assets have revealed many other companies registered under third persons in order to avoid their seizure by the anti-mafia police.

Pasquale Setola is reported to have registered his companies to a third person following the accusation of his brother, Giuseppe's involvement in a homicide in 2008.

The Camorra is one of Italy's main criminal organisations located in the southern city of Naples and neighbouring towns. The Camorra is made up of many clans that are reportedly responsible for drug trafficking, extortion, and its activities have led to increasing numbers of homicides in the areas. It is the oldest criminal organization in Italy.

The Italian government has vowed to defeat the mafia and this year has seen hundreds of arrests including several mafia bosses and the seizure of millions of euros of suspected mafia assets.


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