Serbia: Police arrest 25 suspected human traffickers

Belgrade, 16 July (AKI) - Twenty-five people have been arrested in two Balkan countries in an international police operation that smashed a highly organised human trafficking ring, Serbian police minister Ivica Dacic said on Thursday.

“It is perhaps one of the best organised groups involved in human trafficking,” Dacic told Serbian television.

Thirteen suspects were arrested in Serbia on Wednesday and another 12 in neighbouring Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The arrests were a result of cooperation between the police of four countries, according to Dacic.

The group was headed by an ethnic Albanian, Dzelal Sulejmani, from the southern Serbian town of Presevo, but it included several ethnic Albanians, Serbs and other nationalities, Dacic said.

Dacic said the group has been smuggling illegal immigrants from Turkey and Albania to western Europe, via Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Slovenia, and the northeastern Italian port city of Trieste.

Drugs and human trafficking have been flourishing in the Balkans since the 1990s wars that followed the breakup of the former Yugoslavia.


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