Italy: Mafia fugitive arrested in south

Reggio Calabria, 18 August (AKI) - Italian police have arrested one of the country's 30 most dangerous mafia fugitives. Paolo Rosario De Stefano, 32, was arrested by police overnight while holidaying with his family at the popular tourist town of Taormina in Sicily.

De Stefano is widely considered the head of the De Stefano clan, one of the major families linked to the Calabrian mafia known as 'ndrangheta.

De Stefano has been accused of mafia association and he has been on the run since 2005.

His cousin Peppe, who was also a fugitive, was arrested last December.

De Stefano is the son of Giorgio De Stefano, who was killed in a mafia war that broke out in Reggio Calabria in the 1980s.

The Italian government has vowed to defeat the mafia and this year police have arrested over 100 suspects, including mafia bosses, and seized tens of millions of euros in alleged mafia assets.


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