Swine flu: Oman delays school year to avoid epidemic

Muscat, 24 August (AKI) - Authorities in Oman have decided to delay the reopening of the country's primary schools until December, in a bid to avoid a swine flu epidemic. The small Arab kingdom recorded its fifth fatal case of swine flu with the death of a woman contaminated with the H1N1 virus, while Kuwait announced a third death from the disease on Monday.

The Omani ministry of health announced the death of the woman, who was also suffering from pneumonia. She was reportedly diagnosed too late and did not respond to treatment.

Oman, where hundreds of cases have been identified, has decided to postpone the new school year, originally scheduled for 29 August until 26 December to avoid contamination from the virus.

Kuwaiti authorities on Monday announced the death of a young boy of 17 who also suffered from a respiratory inflammation.

Approximately 1100 cases were registered in Kuwait and there is mounting pressure to postpone the school year there too.

Elsewhere in the Gulf, 16 people have died in Saudi Arabia as a result of this virus and one in the United Arab Emirates.


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