Swine Flu: First death confirmed in Italy

Naples, 4 Sept. (AKI) - An Italian from the southern city of Naples has become the country's first swine flu victim. The 51 year-old who had chronic heart problems and diabetes, had been hospitalised for several days at the city's Cotugno hospital before he died on Friday.

"The patient died after complications linked to a serious cardiac impairment. He also showed cardiac myopathy, blood poisoning or Sepsis and renal failure," said the director of the hospital Cosimo Maiorino, in an interview with Adnkronos Salute.

Three other swine flu patients are also being treated at the hospital.

Italy has reported some 2,000 swine flu cases nationwide.

In the northern Italian city of Monza, a critically-ill 24 year-old man has been hospitalised for days with swine flu.

Hospital sources quoted by Adnkronos Salute said the patient had recovered from the swine flu or A(H1N1) virus and was now fighting bacterial pneumonia.

The first mass vaccinations against swine flu will be available in Italy from November.

The government has said the vaccine will be available for those most at risk, an estimated 24 million Italians or 40 percent of the population.

According to Italian media reports, the government is planning to release eight million doses from mid-November until mid-December.

Another 16 million doses of the vaccine will be available from 31 January 2010.


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