Italy: Immigrants make up 7.2 percent of total population, report says

Rome, 28 October (AKI) - A new report says there are more than 4.5 million legal immigrants in Italy which make up 7.2 percent of the population in 2008. According to a new report from the Catholic charity, Caritas, immigrants provide an effective demographic and occupational 'shock-absorber' in Italy.

Italy, however, is still behind Spain (5 million) and Germany (7 million) when it comes to the total number of immigrants in the country.

At least 53.6 percent of the immigrants in Italy come from European countries, followed by immigrants from the African continent with 22.4 percent, Asians with 15.8 percent and Americans with 8.1 percent.

The largest group are Romanians with over 800.000, followed by Albanians with 440.000, Moroccans with 400.000, Chinese with 170.000 and Ukrainians with 150.000.

Almost 38 percent of them live in the country's central and southern regions, while the remaining 62 percent live in the country's more prosperous northern regions.

Iin 2008, 39.484 people became Italian citizens, almost four times as many compared to the year 2000.


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