Italy: Shocking mafia execution video posted to the Internet

Naples, 29 October (AKI) - Prosecutors in the southern Italian city of Naples have made public a shocking CCTV video of a mafia execution. In the video, the killer is seen shooting a man twice in the head outside a bar, smiling and making a cuckold sign with his hand before walking off. Prosecutors have allowed Italian media to post the video the Internet in the hope that witnesses will come forward to identify the killer and his accomplices.

Dressed in jeans and a baseball cap, the killer arrives at the 'Virgins' bar in the Naples district and mafia stronghold of Sanita after an accomplice, loitering outside, gives him the all-clear.

The killer first walks into the bar, casually holding a pistol in his hand, then turns around and walks out. As he leaves the bar he shoots the victim, named as 53-year-old, Mariano Bacioterracino, in the head.

Bacioterracino, who had previous criminal convictions, falls to the ground and the killer shoots him again in the back of the head. As he does so, he makes the cuckold sign with his free hand, possibly to another accomplice inside the bar, before walking briskly away.

In the video, a man selling cigarettes outside the bar can be seen quickly moving on with his merchandise after the killing, while a female passer-by steps over Bacioterracino's corpse before turning back and bending over him to take a closer look.

Terracino served 10 years in jail for his involvement in the 1977 kidnapping of Guido De Martino, who later became an MP for the former Italian Communist party.

He was also tried as suspect in the killing of Naples mafia member Gennaro Moccia, but was acquitted.


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