Italy: Mafia boss 'transferred to Sardinian high-security jail'

Cagliari, 22 Nov. (AKI) - The Naples mafia boss arrested after 14 years on the run, Antonio Iovine, has been transferred to a high security prison in Nuoro, central Sardinia, the New Sardinia newspaper reported on Monday.

According to the paper, 46-year-old Iovine was secretly flown from the southern Italian city of Naples to Sardinia's Olbia airport and transported to Nuoro's 'Bad'e carros' high security jail on Sunday.

Nuoro's bishop Pietro Meloni during a mass he celebrated on Sunday, protested Iovine's transfer to the city's jail.

The local priest in the Bad'e Carros district, Pietro Borrozzu, said he was worried about the effect of Iovine's detention in Nuoro on families of prisoners serving custodial sentences allowing part-time study or work outside prison.

Iovine is being detained under the tough '41bis' regime for mafia prisoners which severely limits mafia detainees' contact with fellow prisoners and with the outside world.

Italian arrested Iovine on 17 November in an apartment in the mafia stronghold of Casal di Principe north of Naples.

One of the heads of the Naples mafia or Camorra's powerful Casalesi clan, Iovine was among the Italian interior ministry's 30 most wanted mafia fugitives.

Anti-mafia prosecutors and Italy's interior and justice ministers hailed Iovine's arrest as a major victory in the fight against the mob.


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