Italy: Mob suspects arrested around Naples

Naples, 22 Nov. (AKI) - Italian paramilitary police on Monday arrested nine people near Naples on suspicion of conspiracy to commit mafia-related crimes and conspiring to sell drugs.

The suspects allegedly belong to the powerful Vollaro Camorra crime family. The Camorra is the mafia syndicate from the the area in and around Naples.

In a separate operation near Naples on Monday, police arrested six people believed to belong to the Bidognetti Camorra clan on charges of mafia association and extortion.

Investigators said they had uncovered "a staggering, widepread and systematic exortion racket" along the Campania coast between the mafia stronghold of Castel Volturno and Naples.

The Naples mafia suffered a serious blow last week when police arrested Antonio Iovine - one of the Camorra's top bosses - was arrested last week in Campania after 14 years on the run.


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