Italy: Naples trash crisis 'as bad as 2008' says EU

Rome, 22 Nov. (AKI) - European Union officials in Naples on Monday condemned the city for its trash crisis. "Two years later, the situation has changed very little," said Pia Bucella, head of the European Commission's Civil Protection body.

She condemned the city government for having no action plan. "Naples is covered with rubbish and it still doesn't have a plan for recycling," Bucella stated.

In recent weeks, demonstrators in Naples as well as the capitol of Sicily, Palermo, have clashed with police , burned rubbish bins and police vehicles to protest over the new garbage crisis.

The scenes are reminiscent of 2008 when tonnes of garbage piled up on Naples streets, creating a state of emergency.

It was recently estimated that 8,000-9,000 tonnes of garbage covering the city streets risked becoming 60,000 with the potential to suffocate the city if the situation was not contained within thirty days.

In reply to the EU comments, Naples environmental councillor Giovanni Romano said: "We are asking other provinces to accept rubbish from Naples."

In return, Naples will agree to dispose of some of their waste in the Acerra incinerator located in Naples, he said.

In March, the European Court of Justice ruled that the Italian state was to blame for the 2008 crisis and ordered the government of the Campania region which surrounds Naples to adopt effective waste management measures.

If the EU Commission rules the Campania regional government is not doing enough to implement the March ruling, Italy will be asked to pay fines likely to run into millions of euros.

When Italy's prime minister Silvio Berlusconi took office in May, 2008, he made cleaning up Naples a top priority for his government and appointed a 'rubbish tsar' to oversee the operation.


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