Terrorism: Al-Qaeda appeals to women to fight in Yemen

Sanaa, 20 May (AKI) - Al-Qaeda has launched an appeal to Muslim women, particularly those in Saudi Arabia, to travel to Yemen and wage jihad. The appeal was made by Wafa al-Shahri, wife of Al-Qaeda's second in command in Yemen, Said al-Shahri, in an article published in the latest issue of the online magazine 'Sada al-Malahim'.

The woman, considered the most important among terrorist organisations, was directing her message in particular to Al-Qaeda colleagues in Saudi Arabia.

"Those of you who are religious should immediately come to Yemen," she wrote. " If your men folk are not able to defend you, come here where you will be protected.

"In Yemen we have found men, among Al-Qaeda militants and members of local tribes, who have helped us."

The young woman admitted to having led a terror cell, uncovered by Saudi security services on 24 March in al-Bureida. At least 113 people were arrested.

Wafa al-Shahri, whose battle name is Umm Hajir al-Azdi, is wanted by Saudi authorities.

Before her marriage to the deputy leader of the group, she had been married to two other Al-Qaeda militants.

The first husband was Saudi Al Shaia al-Qahtani, whom she divorced, while the second was Abdel Rahman al-Ghamidi, killed by royal police at Taif in 2004.

Wafa, married Said al-Shahri two years ago soon after he had been released from the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.


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