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Italy: Over 200,000 jobs at risk says union

last update: January 15, 17:12

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Rome, 15 January (AKI) - A total of 208,283 people claimed benefits for temporarily laid off workers last year, meaning they are in real danger of being made permanently unemployed in the near future, the Cisl trade union said on Wednesday.

There were 522,000 fewer people employed in the third quarter of 2013, of whom 333,000 were in the economically less developed south, Cisl said, describing the situation as "desolate".

Jobs were being lost "continuously" and "rapidly" including those held by workers on temporary contracts, the union said.

Unemployment reached a record 12.7 pecent of the workforce in November with nearly 42 percent of under-25s out of work, central statistics bureau Istat reported last week.

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