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Italy: Workers occupy mine 400 meters below ground to demand investment

last update: August 27, 11:24

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Cagliari, 27 Aug. (AKI) - Dozens of people have occupied a coal mine on the Italian island of Sardinia to demand investment in a 200 million-euro carbon-capture project, as well as a plan to produce electricity.

The 40 miners at the mine belonging to Carbosulcis di Nuraxi Figus occupied the mine last Sunday are 400 meters below ground. A load of coal has been dumped at the entrance of the mine making access possible only by foot, according to news reports.

Sardinia, once one of Italy's most active mining areas, has seen the sector dying as companies board up shafts and move elsewhere to extract valuable minerals.

US aluminium giant Alcoa will close a Sardinian smelter in Portovesme if it can't find a buyer, costing 500 jobs.

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