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Austria: Archeologists excavate 'sensational' gladiator amphitheatre

last update: August 30, 17:33

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Vienna, 30 August (AKI) - Archeologists say they've excavated one of the largest known amphitheatres outside of Rome that was used to train the gladiators who often delighted the Roman public by fighting to the death.

The "sensational discovery" 60 kilometers east of the Austrian capital Vienna was located by using instruments that take ground measurements by using radar, according to a statement Tuesday from the Carnuntum archaeological park consisting of the remains of an ancient Roman settlement.

The location of the find was not revealed but a press tour is planned for Monday.

The amphitheatre is comparable to the Roman Coliseum - the largest Roman amphitheatre, and the Ludus Magnus the 2,000 year-old gladiator training school and arena, the statement said.

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