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Egypt: Two-day meeting aims to boost archeological ties with Japan

last update: March 18, 12:25

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Cairo, 18 March (AKI) - Scientific and cultural cooperation between Egypt and Japan is the focus of a two-day international conference that opened in Cairo on Monday, the antiquities ministry announced.

"The symposium aims at presenting cultural and archaeological collaboration between the two sides; the Egyptian and the Japanese," said antiquities minister Mohammed Ibrahim.

Egyptologists from all over the world and from foreign archaeological institutes in Egypt were attending the conference entitled 'Archaeological Preservation in Museums in the Past and Present', the ministry said.

Archaeologists will also unveil Egypt's new Restoration and Documentation Center during the conference.

The centre has been playing an important role in the restoring ancient treasures that will be displayed in the new Grand Egyptian Museum due to open in 2015 close to the Pyramid complex at Giza, capital of Egypt's Old Kingdom in the third millennium BC.

The Giza Necropolis, located in northern Egypt, is listed by United Nations culture body UNESCO as one of the seven wonders of the world.

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