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Italy: Eva Peron's jewels recovered in Milan hotel

last update: June 22, 18:47

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Milan, 22 June (AKI) - Italian police in Milan on Wednesday recovered 6 million euros worth of jewels that once belonged to Argentine Eva Peron around two years after they were stolen from a store in Spain.

The diamond earrings, diamond tiara and rings were found in a hotel near Milan.

According to police, jewels were stolen by a group of Roma Gypsies from a store in Valencia, Spain in December 2009. The thieves got away with 10 million euros worth of valuables.

Maria Eva Duarte de Peron, was the second wife of Argentine leader Juan Peron. She died of cancer in 1952 at 33 years old.

It was in Milan where her embalmed body was discovered after it disappeared following her husband's overthrow in a 1955 coup. He fled to Spain and that is where her remains were sent after they were found in a Milan cemetery marked by the assumed name of a nun.

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