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Italy: Grillo says his movement wants '100' percent of parliament'

last update: March 07, 18:19

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Marina di Bibbona, 7 March (AKI) - Former comic Beppe Grillo on Thursday said his grassroots Five Star movement wanted every seat in Italy's parliament and called for its parties to be shut down and denied public funds.

"We want 100 percent of parliament, not 20 percent or 25 percent or 30 percent," Grillo told TIME magazine in an interview.given in his villa on the Tuscan coast

"When the movement gets to 100 percent, when the citizens become the state, the movement will no longer need to exist, " he said.

Grillo's movement has a basic "view of the world" in which career politicians are replaced by honest, public-spirited citizens who are eager to improve their country, he said.

"Informed, honest, transparent citizens, who do their job with passion. Two terms and then they go home. There’s no money and no careers in this movement," he told TIME.

"I propose a basic idea. It’s not a political plan. It’s a view of the world. It’s not substituting one political class with another," he said.

Grillo's anti-austerity movement caused a political earthquake in Italy's 24-25 February elections, getting 8.7 million votes or more than a quarter of votes cast to become the biggest party in the lower house of parliament.

Observers have attributed his success to voters' weariness with 13 months of tough austerity measures, widespread corruption among established political parties, as well as the Five Star movement's use of the internet to select candidates in online primaries and spread its message.

Grillo has refused to bargain with Italy's old guard and has derided centre-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani, whose bloc has a majority in the lower house of parliament but not in the upper house Senate, as a "dead man talking".

"There’s a rule in our movement. We don’t make agreements with parties. Whoever joined our movement signed on to this, " he told TIME.

A four-way split in the vote produced no clear winner and the prospect of fresh elections or another technical government to replace that of current prime minister Mario Monti currently loom.

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