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Italy: Police seize €40 million in cash, property 'belonging to jailed mob boss'

last update: July 22, 12:31

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Naples, 22 July (AKI) - Italian police from Naples on Friday seized 40 million euros worth of property and cash investigators say was registered under a false name and actually belongs to the boss of a powerful crime clan who is currently in prison.

Mafia turncoats told investigators that Bidognetti Camorra crime family head Francesco Bidognetti was the owner of property and money, which was used to purchase cars, motorcycles and weapons, primarily for the clan's paid killers.

The Camorra is the name of the mafia syndicate in and around Naples. It is one of the three most powerful and wealthy Italian mafia organisations that includes the 'Ndrangheta from the southern Calabria region and Sicily's Cosa Nostra.

Bidognetti is currently in prison for mafia association.

Among the impounded assets were 11 construction businesses and a year-old shopping mall containing 70 stores and a supermarket.

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