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Italy: Ruby set to marry and intends to emigrate to Mexico

ultimo aggiornamento: 03 marzo, ore 15:47

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Vienna, 3 March (AKI) - The Moroccan woman at the centre of a sex scandal involving Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi will marry her boyfriend later this month in Genoa, according to powerful Italian talent agent Lele Mora.

Interviewed on Italian television channel La7, Mora said Karima El Mahroug's wedding will take place on 17 March.

According to prosecutors, Mora procured underage prostitutes to have sex with guests attending parties at Berlusconi's sprawling mansion near Milan.

According to Mora, he will escort El Mahroung, nicknamed Rubacuori, or Ruby the Heart Stealer, down the aisle. El Mahroug's boyfriend Luca Risso manages nightclubs in Genoa, a port city in Italy's northwest.

Separately, El Mahroung says the publicity surrounding her relationship with Berlusconi has robbed her of her privacy, which is why she wants to to and live in a country where she can lead a more anonymous life.

"I want to emigrate with my finance to Mexico where I can start anew, because nobody will recognise me and unfairly point their finger at me," said El Mahroug, in an interview with German tabloid Oesterreich.

"I can't even go to the supermarket without being followed," she said.

El Mahroug is due to attend the Vienna Opera Ball on Thursday as the guest of shopping mall and construction magnate Richard Lugner. The interview was conducted aboard Lugner's private jet.

El Mahroug said she would leave Italy following Berlusconi's trial for suspicion of paying her for sex when she was a minor and then abusing the power of office in to cover it up. She will be obliged to testify at the trial as a witness.

"After Berlusconi, I will leave Italy," she said in the interview.

Once she is wed, Ruby says she'll lead a more traditional life "having kids and working as a housewife."

Berlusconi's trial is slated to begin in April. If convicted of the two crimes, he could be sentenced to up to 15 years in jail.

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