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Serbia: Oslo killer's support of 'anti-Islamic Serbs' prompts bitter Serbian reaction

last update: July 25, 14:55

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Belgrade, 25 July (AKI) - Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik, who admitted carrying out a pair of attacks on an Oslo government building and killing 93 people in a shooting spree in a youth camp on an island, has no sympathizers among Serbs, press reports showed on Monday.

Most newspapers described Breivik as a “madman”, psychopath”, ”monster” and similar views prevailed on Serbian newspapers’ web side forums.

Before embarking on his murderous crusade, Breivik, 32, posted on a web site a 1,500-page document written in English, under the pseudonym of Andrew Berwick, in which he said he was motivated by NATO bombing of Serbia 1999.

“That was all we needed,” said daily Press in a front page banner. “Norwegian monster ‘revenges’ Serbs and Christians,” the paper said ironically. Other newspapers reacted in a similar manner.

In a document posted on web site Breivik said he was a crusader against “Islamization of western Europe” and criticized European leaders for bombing Serbia and Serbs in Bosnia who allegedly fought against Islam.

“Bosnia was Serbia and only Serbian,” Breivik said. “There had been no Muslims for 500 years until Turkey occupied the Balkans,” he added. Breivik described himself as a fan of wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic who is currently standing trial for genocide before the Hague-based United Nations war crimes tribunal.

Breivik said the bombing of Serbia in 1999, which ultimately led to independence of its southern Kosovo province, declared by majority Albanians, was "unforgivable“ mistake and "another step in Islamization of Europe“.

He described Albanians as "known criminals and drug dealers“, saying Serbia had the right to expel them after 1998 rebellion.

But most commentators on Sebian web sites, though bitter over NATO bombing, said the last thing Serbs needed was to be defended by individuals like Breivik. "May God save us from such friends and peacemakers,“ one commentator said.

"We will be lucky if they don’t bomb us again because of his statement,“ said another commentator. "And if his grandfather, God forbid, turned out to be a Serb, we would really be in trouble,“ he added.

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